Ceremonies - Eagle Scout Feather Return

When you crossed the bridge from Cub Scouts into Scouts BSA, you were presented with an eagle feather. The feather represented your first flight over the first steps toward the Scout rank. It was meant to be a reminder of the commitment you made to work hard, build your strength, and work with your fellow Scouts to develop your skills on your trail toward Eagle.

This eagle feather was on loan to you, with the duty to return it to the Cubmaster of Pack 239 upon earning the rank of Eagle Scout. As the current Cubmaster of Pack 239, I am honored to be invited to your Eagle ceremony and to be presented with your feather.

This feather, and those of your fellow Scouts that have earned the rank of Eagle, will be displayed during future crossover ceremonies to show the younger Scouts that even though the path through Scouting’s ranks may look daunting, there are many that have gone before them and have completed that path. I would also like to invite you to any future crossover ceremonies that you would like to attend to help hand out new feathers to the Arrow of Light Scouts that will be beginning their journey in Scouts BSA.

Congratulations on earning Scouting’s highest honor, the rank of Eagle.